How to make 1UP mushroom burger that taste can not be guaranteed

I will show you how to make a super mario 1UP mushroom shaped hamburger. I am healthy because I do not use meat, but I do not know how appetite is.

The way to make it is as follows."1UP Mushroom" Mushroom Burger! - Instructables - DIY, How To, food, games - The Instructables Book Contest Entry

1. Material

Half of onion, 2 favorite mushrooms, garlic, hot cake mix (1 teaspoon minced), salt, eggs, sliced ​​tomatoes, round buns (buns), green food coloring (substitutable with basil juice) , Mozzarella cheese (sliced ​​one easy to use), basil paste

2. Creating putty

I) Mushroom, onion and garlic are chopped

Ⅱ) Add the chopped material, salt, black pepper, olive oil and egg and knead.

Iii) This is the point. I will use a hot cake mix instead of flour for flakes.

Ⅳ) Bake the putty kneaded above. I will put the putty down for a while.

3. Making buns

① Cut the prepared buns in half.

Ii) Apply the food coloring (green) diluted with water to the person who becomes the lid of the cut buns (round one). It is the trick to repeatedly paint.

Iii) Mold mozzarella cheese into a circle and put it on the buns.

4. Finishing

I will reprint the putty that I lay asleep again in a frying pan. At that time I will put basil paste and sliced ​​tomato.

I will bake the mozzarella cheese as it is until it melts.

Finally completed with buns.

I am worried about what kind of taste ... I can not guarantee the taste.

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