What happens when a first-class chef prepares NASA's space food

Not only in past "tube entering" and "paste" but also a movie that practiced what cuisine will be converted to cuises when chefs come to hand with space foods that have become rich in variety, has been released on YouTube.

Award-Winning Chef Takes on NASA Space Food - YouTube

This attempt is to take the chef to NASA's Space Food laboratory and have it cook with the material there.

It is in Houston that challengesUnderbellyExecutive chef, Chris Shepherd. Right is Vicky · Crawlis of Johnson Space Center Space Food laboratory.

First, Shepherd selected several pouches.

The first one……

Very orthodox tortilla.

Shred this.

It feels like a pasta.

"Peanut sauce of chicken" is followed.

It seems that there is a very unusual scent.

I will cast this chicken on top of the tortilla that I cut as before.

Next is pineapple. Although packed, it is said that it is very fresh.

Cut it in detail ......

Put it on the peanut sauce.

It seems to be eaten with wine.

I feel that I have not mentioned much about the taste, but I feel like it looks delicious as a combination.

If it is time to do this, I can cook in space.

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