Three years of hardship, Texas chef develops the world's first "fried beer"

It is said that Texas cook teacher created a recipe of the world's first "fried beer" dish at the end of three years of trial and error. Alcohol in beer is not bothered despite being fried, so it is a menu that can not be ordered unless it is 21 years old or younger who is the minimum drinking age of the state.

What kind of dish is it?

Details are as below.Deep-fried beer invented in Texas - Telegraph

To fry beer which is liquid, to fry the ice cream like a fritter or to freeze the beer like a creamy croquette which is difficult to mold at room temperature, clothes in a solid state and fry it Then, there may be many people who imagined.

However, this "fried beer" remains liquid without freezing the beerravioliBy wrapping it in a dough shaped like this and steaming with hot oil, the beer in it is said to be provided in liquid state containing alcohol. It seems that beer is overflowing with Juwat at the moment of bite from cloth which became texture like crispy pretzel, it is not yet released, so we do not know people's appraisal, but the chef who developed it It seems to have considerable confidence in "sensation of exquisite taste".

It is said that the process is patent pending and it is not revealed whether special materials are used or not, but it is said to fry for 20 seconds with oil of 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees C).

Looks like a cracker, like a ravioli .... As a texture may be close to fried gyoza and so on.

Mark Zable, a cook who spent three years devising this recipe, said, "Nobody has ever succeeded in deep-frying liquids, so we caught hot pretzels and immediately afterwards beer It looks like I've drunk, it has become such a taste. " Beer is nowGuinnessIt seems to be using, but in the futurePale aleIt may change to.

Mr. Zable's self-confident "Fried Beer" will be held from 24th September in Dallas, TexasState Fair of TexasIt will be released for the first time at the event "Texas Fried Championship", and it will be sold at the venue for 5 dollars (about 420 yen). Because it contains alcohol, you can not eat it unless you are over 21 years old.

By the way, I heard that the winning menu of this "Texas Fried Contest" last year was "fried butter".

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