It turned out that Oculus Rift freely sent massive amounts of information such as user's location information and body movements to Facebook

VR headset that shipment for the public finally began "Oculus Rift"Will be on Facebook for about 20 billion yen in 2014AcquisitionAlthough development has been continued, it is clear that the information registered in Oculus Rift is sent to Facebook without permission.

Oculus Rift Software Constantly Sends Info to Facebook | Digital Trends

Oculus 'Always On' Services and Privacy Policy May Be a Cause for Concern - UploadVR

From the time Oculus was bought by Facebook, concern about how to handle user's privacy informationNews reportIt was done. Oculus Rift is finally beginning to ship to the general public in March 2016, and concerns about privacy are increasing further.

So when a user who got Oculus Rift did an experiment, installing the software "Oculus Home" for operating Oculus Rift on the PC, the file "OVRServer _ x64.exe" monitors the operation of Oculus Rift , Sending Oculus Rift data to Facebook server at power onDiscoveredHe said that he did. OVRServer_x64.exe is running even while Oculus Home is not running, and it seems that 7 MB of data is being communicated every second.

Oculus Rift's privacy policy does not specify the existence of "Oculus Home keeps running in the background and sending Oculus Rift information to Facebook servers" feature. In the privacy policy, it is written only that "Facebook may collect information depending on how the user uses it", but the technology news siteDigital Trends"The movement of the body when wearing the game, contents, the application played with Oculus Rift, the IP address, the type of the device, the position information based on the GPS, the Wi-Fi network, the mobile phone base station, There is a possibility that all kinds of information, such as direction, is collected. "

Facebook commented that "Third party applications can also collect user information", and Oculus Rift's information collected will be used to create Oculus accounts, to communicate among users, to improve user experience, etc. Prospects to be used for. At the same time, it is also thought that Facebook will use information to advertise paid content tailored to the user's taste. In addition, Oculus refrains from official comments on this matter.

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