Headline news on June 12, 2008

The cumulative number of shipments of Sharp one-segment mobile phonesOver 10 million unitsHe said that he did. It is achieved in about two years after shipping the first model of "AQUOS Mobile" in May 2006. Over the one-segment compatible mobile phone, the cumulative shipment volume exceeded 30 million units this April.AQUOS mobile phoneBesidesBRAVIA Mobile, Wooo Keitai, VIERA Mobile, REGZA KeitaiThere are a lot of mobile phones supporting One Seg with the name of LCD television, and in Japan it seems that there is a high demand for seeing television even on the go.

So, tomorrowJune 13. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on June 13th one year ago.

We tried to compare the cheapest servers of each manufacturer - GIGAZINE

Pictures of X-rayed PCs - GIGAZINE

English word and Katakana number crossword puzzle various - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Business Media Makoto: Things I would like to buy in the summer bonus, PC breakthrough(Lifestyle, purchase intentions for flat-screen TVs also increased significantly)

NEWS | About expanded service area in May 2008 | eMobile(Mobile, area improvement in the suburbs is ongoing)

"Fanfun (fan fan). 815T Genius Bakabon Model" on sale | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.(Following mobile, Michikawa Kenichi and Devilman model etc.)

Renesas, portable application processor for popular aircraft "SH - MobileUL 2"(Mobile, USB 2.0 support, 720 × 480 movie support etc)

Sharp summer model briefing session, also expressed entry into the Chinese market(Mobile, selling high-end models in the Chinese market as well)

What is the approach to iPhone launch? Read summer Softbank Mobile new strategy - Nikkei Trendy Net(Does the release of the iPhone will affect the sales of the summer model?)

Forest of Window - 【NEWS】 Release candidate version RC 3 of "Firefox" v 3 is released, Windows version has not changed from RC 2(Software, the official version will be released on the 18th in Japan time)

Curriculum vitae that you can absolutely understand in 5 minutes - @IT your own strategy research institute(For job seekers who wish to change jobs in IT)

Higuchi Takeo's "Laughing Idea, Inspirational Movement": Where are you going to be so careful? Crime prevention measures by scene - ITmedia Biz_ID(Security method for work, people going out on business trips abroad)

Beyond the harsh test EliteBook 6930P(There is a dedicated machine to check the durability of hardware and keyboard)

Naburaba: Rubber singing "Otaku Sansan" remains unknown to the lyrics on CD - ITmedia News(Search for music, lyricists still unknown)

Kuunari TARO, Gamba Osaka 'Kick in' at the Expo Memorial Stadium - Namba Keizai Shimbun(Note, I'm curious how to kick)

Akihabara killing: a dagger knife, a knife supplier with production and import discontinuance - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Memo, Chairman of the Knife Industry Federation "I do not need it in Japan")

Akiba 's police officer with job stolen & patrol ~ alert level a record high ~ - Akiba Blog(Note, patrol brought in the hand instead of hanging the baton)

Simple post office operation, Japan Post is partly consigned to SECOM: Economic news: Money · Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Note, because the fiduciary is aging)

Daiga Knife sales, requesting thorough identification of identity ... National Police Agency: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Taking notes, continuous killing case)

This is a waste alone ??: This is a legitimate PDA - try the "HP iPAQ 212 Enterprise Handheld" (1/2) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Mobile, low-priced mini-notebooks and PDAs that have a presence in smartphones)

2008 PC summer model: Puma inside, newly living living PC outside - "FMV-TEO" (1/2) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, a low-priced living PC that adopted AMD platform)

Shooting iron recommendation 【second part】 shooting techniques(Note, what is the essential composition when taking railroad photos?)

HYUNDAI IT, 22-inch 3D display attached with special glasses(Hardware, 3D glasses can be displayed with dedicated glasses)

A new classic version of Hotmail, scheduled to be released in "within a few weeks"(Internet service, to operate lightly without re-reading)

More than 90% of "Internet advanced users" oppose iPod billing(As a result of inquiring about memorandum and fee charge)

Hero "absence" ... Hanshin assessment officer "happy trouble"(Sports, Assessor in charge of choosing MVP)

SNS for Netherland readers tell you open ___ net(It is also possible to embed net service, Nico Nico video)

Google co-founder Mr. Brin, booking a space trip with a down payment of 500 million yen World spoken word Reuters(Memo, two people to the universe in one year from the latter half of 2011)

500,000 people visited Miyazaki prefectural government in 14 months - social news nikkansports_com(Memo, completely sightseeing spots)

Mizuno Haruro, the name on the family register was renamed! Afraid of love for "Shiben super"! Today in Tokyo - Updating movie information everyday Cinema Today(Note, rumors that the name was changed to Yamashita Benfumi)

Short story depicting Harry Pota's past, bid 5.3 million yen Entertainment Reuters(A note, three years ago when Harry was born)

"Killing in the office rampaging" gathered 4 million views in a week video - Actually advertising movies WIRED VISION(It was the advertisement of a movie, Hollywood movie "Wanted")

65,000 people mobilized for the screening event in the live-action version "Death Note"(Movie, live-action version of Japan, not Hollywood version)

This week TOP is PS 3 "DBZ Burst Limit" 92,000 books, which is much different from the 360 ​​version(Game, Xbox 360 version does not enter top 10)

■ (PDF file)Distribution of free picture book "Forest Warrior Bonoron" started at Denny's(Note, picture books by Tetsuo Hara of "Hokuto no Ken" will be distributed)

At BIC camera Ikebukuro head office, about 60 people who evacuate to the front of the shop and wait open. - Famitsu _ com(Memo, people who line up from the night for Metal Gear Solid 4)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Convinced with "100 cards for 1 card and game"(Is it a secret of popularity that things are not ended just by games and games?)

Square Enix announces the holding of a private event "DK Σ 3713" - Famitsu _ com(Games, exhibition schedule title such as Final Fantasy XIII and Kingdom Hearts series etc.)

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