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People who continue drinking five cups of coffee a day for 4 monthsKyushu University is recruitingIt seems to be doing. To find out if diabetes can be prevented with coffee to study by a research group of medical research institute. I am recruiting men from 40 to 64 years oldBMI index25 ~ 30, people who do not drink coffee everyday. Rewards are also being paid, but if a person who does not usually drink coffee drinks 5 cups a day, it seems that something other than diabetes is going to be affected.

So, tomorrowMay 15. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on May 15th one year ago.

Nico Nico Douga, paid service scheduled to start around mid-June - GIGAZINE

Domain "Porn_com" will be acquired for $ 9 million - GIGAZINE

Picture that large plasma TV has become tattered due to bad packaging - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Yahoo shares, prominent investors acquire a large amount ... aim for selling to MS? : Economic News: Money / Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Note, new participants in Yahoo! acquisition battle)

Things I've done to gain trust from clients - livedoor Director Blog (blog)(Work, always ask opinions after hearing what you want to do · be sure to tell if there are disadvantages etc etc)

Current affairs dot com: compensation of 24.5 billion yen = mass senders of spam - US district court(Memorandum claims for unprecedented amount for two men who sent spam mails)

As a child, the person whose house was poor and traumatic: Alfalfa mosaic(Rich and poor, something that is lost due to lack of money)

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Agency for Cultural Affairs - Nobuo Ikeda blog(Terrestrial digital, attitude of the Agency for Cultural Affairs to protect vested interests of right holders at the expense of consumers' profit is consistently consistent)

Exploring the ability of "REGZA" new flagship, "ZH 500" (3) (1/3) - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Hardware, dare to take high-resolution LCD television incorporating "reflection")

20 inch liquid crystal TV of 54, 800 yen with dee, terrestrial digital / HDMI(Hardware, compact liquid crystal TV compatible with inexpensive terrestrial digital broadcasting)

SKnet, USB real terrestrial digital tuner unit with actual sale of 15,000 yen(Hardware, a cheaper USB terrestrial digital tuner appeared than other companies)

Kuju-ku Electric, three-wave compatible desktop with digital terrestrial tuner(Hardware, price starts at 119,800 yen)

Price reductions for network-compatible HDDs up to about 24%, price reductions for a total of 19 products including One Seg tuners are being implemented | Press Releases(Hardware, high-speed type 1 TB network HDD costs less than 50,000 yen)

Yahoo! JAPAN for AQUOS - Dedicated Internet service for LCD TV AQUOS(Internet service, a service that you can enjoy the Internet easily with full high vision television)

Tachinobu Tachibana's "Selfedness, but what?" 29th: Save children from head lice! - "Lobby comb" (1/2) - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Hardware, head lice seems to be prevalent)

"PowerXCell 8i" 5-fold enhanced double precision floating point arithmetic in IBM Japan, Cell(Hardware, a server that enhanced Cell weaknesses)

Rosu, desktop mini USB fan - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, if you notice it will soon early summer)

Columbia, distributed Hibari Misora ​​music at iTunes Store. First delivery to PCs(Internet service, will older people get started to start music distribution service?

Predict the next video to hit on YouTube, start a new service for advertisers(Adopt an algorithm to analyze increase in net service, number of video viewers, etc.)

Google introduces face blurring technology to Street View function of Google Maps: News - CNET Japan(Net service, for consideration to privacy)

Board of Education Board of Education delivers classes "Delivery" Achievement test 45th Osaka (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News(Note, Osaka is the nation's top in the center test average point)

Passing rate drops to 30% or 3rd New Judicial Exam begins: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Note, that the new judicial exam aimed for a high pass rate is a challenge)

NTT: announcement of the new 5-year plan aimed at fusion of fixed and fixed mobile - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(NGN concept incorporating mobile, Super 3G and fixed phone etc.)

New Comprehensive · Discovered Personal Computer Disassembly New Book: 7th Manufacturing Process of Optical Disk Part 3 - How to Make a 2-Layer Disc by the Forward-Order Method (1/3) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Note, it is mainstream of optical media, until dual layer disc is made)

Wireless Technology Park 2008: DoCoMo's HSDPA network now supports 14 Mbps ─ Super 3G, 4G research and development is also going well (1/2) - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile and HSDPA services further accelerate)

Label Mobile, "Uta Pack" that made it a set of multiple ringing tracks(Mobile, stand-by image and stand-by Flash come as a bonus)

Tokyo Metropolitan is participating in collecting mobile phones from "Urban Mine" Re-Metal Reuse - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, providing prizes to cooperating users as well)

Mobile shipment is negative compared with the same month of the previous year, cumulative total for 2007 is higher than the previous year - JEITA shipment in March March - ITmedia + D Mobile(Contrary to the concern of prolonging the cycle of mobile and terminal purchase change)

NEWS | Expansion of Service Area in April 2008
~ Achieving nationwide population coverage rate 81% ~ | eMobile
(Mobile, e-mobile where area development steadily progresses except underground)

Daily creation of mobile phone mail changes dramatically! Developed Japanese input system for new embedded system | Omron(Mobile and handover of learning dictionary even after changing model)

You can play like this with Kei Ogikubo's mobile camera: High quality picture, quickly taken, "After taking a picture" also fun world specification camera - "X02NK" (1/4) - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, you can also post photos taken directly to mixi)

Kodak, compact digital camera with face detection function of actual sales of 10,000 yen(Hardware, easy-to-use camera with affordable face detection function)

Good morning www you guys wwwwwwww - Please give me a high quality cosplay image(Photo, keeping high quality in every sense)

Current affairs dot com: Game reproduction on hard disk = selling to 100 people, arresting college students - Metropolitan Police Department(Selling notes, external HDD with adult game included)

PC software piracy rate, 23% in Japan, 38% worldwide(Software, piracy rate and damage amount is reduced)

Grand Theft Auto IV's sales to Guinness world record: News - CNET Japan(Game, not yet released in Japan)

Appeared on six works! "Island farming festival" held(25 years ago when the manga, Chief Island farming was started serialization)

Kobayashi Takiji "Kanzaki Ship" Sudden boom working poor "solidarity" (1-2 pages) - MSN Sankei News(Books, the number of sales sharply increased from this year)

Everyday YOUGI: I tried the new technology "PlaceEngine" without the GPS, which is the topic in "There's There in Nippon" - ITmedia + D Games(Game, technology to capture position from radio field strength of Wi-Fi access point)

Common misunderstandings such as suicide and ghosts - reading of Ranube in a real estate agency(Note, on the explanation of ghosts going into the room)

Causes of suffocation accidents Foods, cereals such as rice cereals 50% Survey(Discovered in the survey of food, konnyaku jelly)

Exploring good breakfast, popular "Sotoasa" on commuting!(Breakfast, reasonable and tasty breakfast on the way to commute)

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