Headline news on July 9, 2008

Internet shopping site where various products range from AV equipment to foodstuffs Rakuten marketFirst half of 2008 selling points rankingWas announced. Items that became the overall first place, including all genres, are sold at the Organic Cyber ​​StoreForbidden sweets bagsThat's right.

Rakuten Market 'Gourmet Grand Prize 2007' Eel selected as aquatic products categoryNews that the area was camouflagedThere are also, please check what kind of things are ranked in those concerned about products purchased by many users.

So, tomorrowJuly 10. On July 10th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

The ultimate defense art explanation movie that anyone can easily do - Movie GIGAZINE

Map that shows how many teachers are in many parts of America - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Business Media Makoto: The damage of the net deposit can not stop! Doubled from the previous year(Increased damage to phishing scams due to notes, banked e-mail or real fake website)

【Report】 Only 3% reuse mobile phones - Nokia survey results | mobile | Mycom Journal(Mobile, phones after replacing are hardly recycled)

"Zombie PC" is increasing in Brazil, Turkey and China! ~ G DATA Examine: Enterprise: RBB TODAY (Broadband information site) 2008/07/09Security, zombie PCs running average 5 to 10 million daily a day)

Pixiv, 200 million page view monthly breakthrough - its traffic pattern analysis: RBB TODAY (broadband information site) 2008/07/09(4% access from abroad to net, illustration-specific type SNS)

Yahoo!, the importance of the link decreases - from an interview with Priyank Garg »Overseas SEO information blog · mail magazine(Search, evaluate the quality rather than the number of links)

Twitter finally starts contamination of information products - mass production blog(Internet, Twitter on the information shop wearing eyes)

Copipe blog is also in company blog - ARTIFACT @ Hatena type(Internet, censorship of corporate blogs seems to be hard work)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Wall collapse, mushroom in the classroom "Dead with an earthquake" Osaka junior high school - Society(Architecture, classroom where Sarunokoshikake grew)

Iran has tried missile test, a new long-distance Shahab 3 also = state-run TV | Reuters(Also overseas, trial of long-range missiles reaching Israel)

British dismantlers, "Lord of the Rings" at the author's house Discover postcard | spillover of the world | Reuters(Overseas, the dismantling company I found wants sales)

Everyday jp business model de facto collapse, advertising campaign sharply declines due to vulgar articles rash - Technobahn(Advertisement, of which advertising proposal will return)

Leisure time \ (^ o ^ / Breaking news contract www www(Real thing, something scary in reverse if it is a property of 5 yen or 4 yen)

Reduce venue with Confeder Cup ... No completion expected due to deadline: Overseas: Soccer: Sports notification(Sports will be completed by 2010 World Cup)

Head mounted display where you can watch images from iPod or video player | Home electronics | My com journal(Hardware, remote control with operation such as play and stop)

Buffalo, a PC terrestrial digital tuner supporting 2 programs simultaneously in autumn(Hardware, USB type tuner is slightly higher than built-in type)

CNN.co.jp: NASA, the last shuttle launch will be on May 31, 2010(Space, space shuttle retires in 2010)

Amazon Warehouse Resale What happened to the case of the end of the kit? - Naka-dori Kazusa not reading the air(Memo, but there are still no resellers)

Balinese Ossan problem - Final defense line 2(Internet summarizes the structure of the "Nico Nico Grand Conference" problem spread)

Untitled document Collected corps of Mario who fell on the cliff Bytes too tight Warota wwwww(2 ch, everyone has a lot of troublesome work)

Arrested head of diplomatic marijuana mining department headquarters at home office "sucked with his wife" - MSN Sankei News(Memo, the Drug Enforcement Department searches the house and finds 55 cannabis grass)

From "Kuatariro" closed down silently without Taro's overnight - MSN Sankei News(Eclipse, "Written on a warrior's journey")

TV during meals, possibility to lead to child's obesity = Canadian survey | global speech | Reuters(Note, consideration that you are distracted by TV and you do not know when to stop meals)

"Hair contact", applied for applying Propia civil rehabilitation law on wig manufacturing and sales Ltd. Liabilities 4,375 million yen(Economy, hair contacts have increased orders, but advertising expenses and research expenses are scarce)

Elastic: mini skirt until the early 20s?(Fashion, "To early 20s" and "Age does not matter" are many)

Descento and Toray, bathing suits for father who can hide stomach "T-body" 2008 model - Nikkei Trendy Net(Fashion, T-shirt sensation tops come with it)

Lord's lost private railway library "Always Restart" and sons Hyogo · Asago no Mania - MSN Sankei News(When will the railway, the collection of about 40,000 collections be released again?)

Kobe Newspaper | Economy | Himeji and Nara · Ise Plan to get on Kintetsu, Sanyo(Is there limited train from Himeji to Nara and Ise Shima?)

Actually, the leg length of Lelouch and Izumi Konata is about the same as Sionji detective company(I'd like to compare it with the animation, "xxx HOLiC" character)

Yamanashi crack -Diary SIDE- "Someone who can be excited by pants alone is a pervert ..." But ... well ....(Memo, romance spreading from pants)

Actually, I do not know the ending Completed masterpiece comic ranking - goo ranking(Manga, many things can not remember how the big work ended)

Game * Spark -: Star Wars' stage is first public! "Soul Calibur IV" direct shooting game play image by riot_ brother(Demo video at Game, California's Anime Expo 2008)

Game * Spark -: The 20 GB version is priced to $ 299, and the 60 GB Starter Pack also leaks from MS e-mail by Kako(Game, it may be a loss to buy Xbox 360 right now)

Seventh generation game machine, more than 80% of owners "Wii" ~ PS3 is less than 20% - japan.internet.com Daily research(The result that game, Xbox 360 cuts 10%)

Super suit responsability to fight a bear or fire, to auction | WIRED VISION(A memo, a suit not likely to move so soon)

McDonald 's give Buddha a Mac Shake! - Ameba News [Ameba News](Memo, McDonald's is a fine food in Thailand)

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