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TV animation that was broadcasted from October 2007 to March 2008 and gained popularityDVD 8 volumes (final volume) of "CLANNAD" is released today. In addition to the extra edition "Summer Vacation Event" broadcasted after the last episode and the final episode on DVD, unlike TV, the main character and one of the heroines, Tomoyo Sakagami become lovers "Another World Tomoyo Hen" It is recorded. "Tomoyo Hen" is a new movie, it means that you can see another "CLANNAD" that you could not see on TV, so the fans areTrailerPlease also check it.

So, tomorrowJuly 17. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on July 17th one year ago.

Comic bonbons, with fewer readers to be closed on December issue - GIGAZINE

When I ordered a video card I got it in a terribly terrible box - GIGAZINE

Duck toys that are huge but not cute at all - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Brother Develops Electronic Paper Terminal - ITmedia News(Hardware, images can be displayed without power supply)

Next to Kitty here is your local Nike! What is the new axis of popular sports brands - Nikkei Trendy Net(Fashion, Nagoya is Kim pika, Osaka is a pattern of dangle)

Livedoor news - only T - shirts like this can be thought of by engineers! summer(Fashion, a geeky shirt to understand to those who understand)

Beijing Olympics memorial Hong Kong doll banknotes, issuance matrix on 16th | global speech | Reuters(Memo, a matrix equivalent to a huge theme park)

Forest of Window - 【NEWS】 "Firefox" v2.0.0.16 with two serious vulnerabilities fixed(Software, version 2 is still up-to-date)

Internal accusatory site "Wikileaks" (1) that publishes various secret documents | WIRED VISION(Net, serious information gathers one after another on the site which was initially questioned)

2500 complaints on Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line also unexpectedly reputed - Ameba News [Ameba News](Many people feel convenient because it is a railroad, a new line)

NBonline (Nikkei Business Online) Necessary not to lose baggage to be checked with careful notes on carry-on baggage(Points to note when taking an airplane with memos, overseas travel etc.)

"Even if there are 100 million yen, the company can not quit" More than 60% News - ORICON STYLE -(It is dangerous to become NEET at 100 million yen when considering work and inflation)

How much do you need to retire? : Life Hacker [Japan Version], Life Hack Information Working and Life Successful Blogging · Media Full of Information(Money, how to calculate how many more years you can retire)

Teacher recruitment corruption: Illegal passing is dismissal, originally passed to relief Oita - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Corruption, how many people wish to change jobs in this passing)

CNN.co.jp: conviction for Samsung's former president, jail sentence is escaped(Korea, a fine of approximately 11.4 billion yen due to tax evasion etc.)

Mr. Yangsu first Chinese in the Akutagawa prize, Naoki prize is Inoue Arao: Culture: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(The book, the protagonist of the story is a Chinese college student)

Difference in Mobile Content Preferred in 10s and 20s: The Front Line of Digital Content Business - CNET Japan(Mobile, the range of action and living environment are different)

15 ways to last the battery of "iPhone 3G" - iPhone · iPod touch laboratory(It changes quite a lot with mobile, wireless off and backlight)

Astronaut, pilot, can you have bad eyes? Excite News(Memo, OK if corrective vision is good)

Window Forever - 【NEWS】 Official version of the classic downloader "Irvine" v1.3.0 is released(Software, split downloading can not be done)

Japanese Robo "Black Ox": limited to 30, 800,000 yen | WIRED VISION(Notes, Robots that will automatically rise from a collapsed state)

Malware sharply increased, record high record in history in the first half of 2008 ~ G DATA investigation: Enterprise: RBB TODAY (Broadband information site) 2008/07/15(Security, new malware averaging 1,500 daily)

FujiSankei Business i. TOPIC / Asian casino wild boiling(Gambling, casinos in Tokyo and Okinawa preparing for construction)

CNN.co.jp: Harley Museum opened 200 Elvis brand cars and more are displayed(Memo, museum commemorating the 105th anniversary of foundation)

Manga Library: Meiji Universe Conceived "Father of Comique" To accommodate the litter of Mr. Yonezawa (Entitled Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Manga, name will be "Yonehiro Yonezawa Memorial Library")

Ito Misaki: "Should be a happy ending" Drama "Mezonichi" Conclusion edition (Mantan web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Drama, broadcasting from 21 o'clock on Saturday, July 26)

【Report】 "Eternal love to Kusanagi element" - "GHOST IN THE SHELL / GHOST IN THE SHELL 2.0" First day greeting | Hobby | My Combi Journal(Anime, you can row up to the theater outside on the release date)

【Overseas Anime Forum】 Animation History "Warrior not to be used ultimately" TOP 5(Animation, Yamcha is also unpopular overseas)

According to Mega Maga Creators' Fumikane interview, there seems to be "pants times" in Strike Witches: Syu's quiz blog(Although it looks like anime, pantsAnimation insisting that it is not pantsReal pants will appear in the)

Game history that Nintendo might not exist: Runner's High!: So-net blog(Game, game machine that Nintendo was interested before NES development)

'Meteor Rockman 3' & 'Rockman 9' Official website opens(Game, summer festival free for entrance is held in August)

I'm Gaming Bulletin @ Blade: Talking with Yuru Husband PS 3 and GK's Simple History(Games, games that were thought to be exclusive to PS 3 are multi-tiered one after another)

Sony CEO Howard Stringer, Wii "Expensive Niche Game Machine" - Engadget Japanese(Game, PS3 seems to be an entertainment machine, not a game machine)

New technology will sooner or later get bored - Nintendo's next one is that title - Famitsu.com(Game, "Grand Theft Auto" new work is on DS)

I also checked the security of Xbox 360: ITpro(Compare games, Wii and PS3)

【2ch】 Daily thread guide: gather spirit video www www www(Movies, many of which are obviously unnatural)

Thai medicine department introduces "karaoke" in cardiology class | global speech | Reuters(Education, memorizing contents to be memorized as a song)

【2ch】 Daily thread guide: let's hear about the mystery of mental enthusiasm(Mental health, no matter what you are thinking is strange, I do not notice that I am tired)

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