Headline news on November 6, 2007

NTT Data Management Institute conductedSurvey on borrowing of moneyAccording to that, young people in their twenties tend to use consumer finance companies from the beginning. Is it also that a good image is attached with a lot of TV commercials and advertisements as well? However, among the users of consumer finance companies, 42% are dissatisfied, and 23% of them feel that they want to change their borrowers, so the reaction of those who actually became customers is It seems not good.

So, tomorrowNovember 7. The Parliament Building was built in 1936, and in 1951 a private central think tank electric power research institute was established with its own research organization which is the first postwar. In 1998, female astronaut Chiaki Mukai fulfilled the second return from space. Also, in addition to being born in 1867, Mary Curie famous as Mrs. Curie was born in 1978, Tomoya Nagase who is a vocalist of TOKIO.

Today's headline news.
Livedoor News - 【Trevian】 I understand the average annual income of your company!(Net service, Nintendo is nearly 10 million yen)

Workplace dissatisfaction 1st place is salary / treatment, second place is human relations ~ Softbank HC, Survey on trends in mid-career change job market(Difference nearly doubles in work, first place and second place)

Japan.internet.com E-Commerce - Microsoft sued a number of new pirated software vendors(Business, all the sued software is old version)

Aeon, banks also retail (Tsukuba super flow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Bank, it is convenient to be open until 9 PM)

Japan.internet.com Web Technology - A virus targeting "Mac OS X"(Viruses that change security, DNS settings)

WIRED VISION suit to teach the body "real player movement" in real time(Technology, this is an invention that changes the world of sports)

Keitai blaming report only to raise viewer ratings WIRED VISION(TV, topics of mobile phones owned by many people tend to lead to audience ratings)

Forest of Window - 【NEWS】 "QuickTime" v 7.3 which fixed 7 vulnerabilities is released(Software, iTunes also upgraded to 7.5)

"The company's media that does not cost money" - UNIQLO's Web strategy - ITmedia News(Business, YouTube also actively use)

The gold spot rises to 1 ounce = 812.60 dollars, the highest price in 28 years (Reuters) - Yahoo! News(Notes, Significant rise from the previous day)

All Japan Kendo Championships: Two-blade Yamana 6 rows wins 1 win Olympus reading carefully - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Sports, thoughLost in second round)

VIPPER me: football is defective sports(Sports, maybe if it is told)

Sequel Drama & Animation of the original manga prevailing in the television circle - Nikkei Trendy Net(Interviewed by TV, Shogakkan and Kodansha)

【2ch】 Nikko Thread Guide 【Akihabara】 Men who cosplayed "Sha", appealed to stop broadcasting of animation "Kodomo no jikan" Address → Appearance of Metropolitan Police Department → Withdrawal(Animation, movies are also available)

Postcardry! Production IG × Shiro Masami sends the latest suspense "RD Division of Brain Investigation Room", broadcasting decision since April 2008!(If you read only animation, stories, it's like the Ghost in the Shell ___ ___ 0

How is "English barrier" been translated as "defense barrier"? - tell me! Goo(I feel it as a different thing if I make it into language, English)

From Mr. From FR · NEO RE: Jump square is born! ~ Memory of the first published magazine(Manga, cover of the first issue of magazines)

Famitsu cross review before being poisoned Review: Hachimama draft \ (^ o ^) /(Game, I do not understand the game at the time of being picked up at all)

"How to start wine DS" and a wine assortment commodity will be launched - Famitsu.com(Game, wine itself is ready-made item)

Limited color "Deep Red" added to the color variation of the new PSP! Release limited quantity - Famitsu.com(Game, price is 22800 yen and One Seg Pack is also released simultaneously)

Gundam 00 Broadcast Memorial "Mobile Force Gangal" Storefront Demo(Game, daughter-made software)

ITmedia + D Games: Share the dream of "Nights" with people all over the world on the network (1-3)(Game, compatible hardware is Wii only)

Pacman "Pac Gentleman" of the 19th century - Engadget Japanese(Game, when it kicks it seems to explode)

【Changing shipping fee for split delivery of amazon is more vicious than imagined】: Tusianese tea leaves living [Machine of the thought](If you choose notes, split delivery, shipping costs for products less than 1500 yen occur even if sent together)

Recommend "20% higher" for men and "2% cheap for women" | Business sales techniques available at top salesmen | Diamond Online(Business, seeking good results for men seeking good, women "gained")

The stairs of the Eiffel tower auctioned, the expected price is 5 million yen excite news(Memo, thing which was disassembled at the time of installation of elevator)

British lady's grooming check is 34 times a day = Survey Excite News(Memo, men stand in front of the 27th mirror)

"I've forgotten the 10,000,000 yen winning lottery" - MSN Sankei News(Note, the figure disappears immediately after I told the receptionist to wait)

Construction started in Beijing, the world's highest, Ferris wheel with a height of 208 meters (Searchina / China Information Bureau) - Yahoo! News(Leisure, currently the world's largest London eye is 73 m above)

Ferris Wheel and experiential theme park on opposite Kansai International Airport - MSN Sankei News(Leisure, born on the site of Rinku Papara)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: If you have an umbrella you can become a ninja(It's fun, so it's okay with that)

CNN.co.jp: Children with short sleep tend to become obese, US research - Science(I care whether health and adults are involved)

Everyone's News: 70% of ladies, cracked in the scent of men! Is it? - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Life, survey by cosmetic company)

Refrigerator: "Graveyard of food"! Is it? Meat with expiration date longer than 3 years / Mushrooms / Rotten eggs - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(It seems to be noticable in life, smell)

Excite news I tried eating "Curry Sairei Chinese"(Food, quite okay)

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