Headline news on 10th December 2007

"Working Poor I" and "Working Poor II" which conveyed the harsh reality of people who are forced to live below the welfare level at the documentary program "NHK Special" which sometimes brings out ridiculous subjects from 22 o'clock this eveningAn encore will be broadcasted. Even if you work seriously at ease, it is a program that shows various things that there is a reality that no matter how much effort you can not get out,Preview notice videos are also put. On the next Sunday, December 16 (Sunday), "Working Poor Ⅲ - way to resolve ~" will be broadcasted, so people who saw once can see the review as well and there is no loss.

So, tomorrowDecember 11. Shimabara's turbulence broke out in 1637, in 1957 issued the former 100 yen silver coin. Apollo 17, the last mission of Apollo, landed on the moon in 1972. Also, in addition to the discovery of anthrax, tubercle bacillus, Vibrio cholerae Roberto Koch was born in 1843, Osamu Akimoto, who serializes "Katsushika Ward Kamari Park Prefix Depot" in Weekly Shonen Jump, was born in 1952, and Kinokuniya Shoten Founder Shigeichi Tanabe died in 1981.

Today's headline news.
Government policy with reduction of standard of living aid criteria Send off living protection policy - MSN Sankei news(Work, eventually will not be raised the minimum wage)

Business Media Makoto: Los Angeles MBA study abroad diary: Difficulty in changing jobs after MBA - When I went to the temple of Dharma it became "Level 1"(Work, job change of Dorakue was emphasis on realism)

Hotline does not function (Tsukuba super flow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Business, opening a hotline for employees who are directly chairman in 2004)

Even if I drop the coat it will be sold in two weeks! Excite News(Memo, Lost and Found Law amended from today)

Experience the world's most advanced tunnel at the tunnel walk of the capital high-central ring road!(Memo, starting from 16 o'clock on the 22nd)

Shar only mobile, after all Akiba can sell well?(Mobile, if this is the second bullet also comes out)

Can use a PC without wiring "Wonder Sheet" Tokyo Univ. Prototype News - CNET Japan(Hardware, sheets automatically wired only by placing it on top)

Photo Report: Disassembling Apple 's "Apple TV" - First Section News - CNET Japan(Hardware, disassembly procedure also with photos)

Photo report: New Apple Store opened in New York - Apple fans are major queue news - CNET Japan(Hardware, large matrix without new products)

TechCrunch Japanese Archive >> 50 Cent - "File sharing is not detrimental to artists"(The copyright, the most important thing that the music industry must recognize is that technological innovation is not detrimental to artists)

Bear Speed ​​I went to a real interview at the US headquarters in the US But have any questions?(Interview, there is a story of Google as well as Microsoft)

Samo Han Kimpo suddenly died? The Hong Kong film world shakes with a shock! - China Media: Records China(Film, is it okay with this to be a misinformation?)

Sueni Korea's FF 7 Advent Children Prevailed in Copyright Infringement Lawsuit(game,thisThe copyright problem concerning it is resolved)

___ Game bulletin @ Blade: DS version "Dragon Custo V", add another life selection(Game, do you choose both?

Completely wipe out the delicacy of the opening early movies! "Fate-Unlimited Codes" 1st Rocete Summary Makeup 1.0(There are also games and play movies)

GameSpark - "Devil May Cry 4" Demo Delivery Started 2008 & 3 New Trailer(Game, Xbox 360 and PS 3 will be delivered together)

Utilizing Wii for rehabilitation and supporting recovery of patients with cerebral infarction - ITmedia News(Play games, mainly at PS2 and game center before hospitalization)

Wii, top in France market - iNSIDE(Game, Wii is 1.1 million, Xbox 360 is 500 thousand, PS 3 is 27 thousand)

CNN.co.jp: Heart attack mortality rise to New Year's holidays Experts alarm bells(Health, because it's old-fashioned that it is too floating)

Voice criticized by fat Santa, forced participation in boot camp is also exciting news(Memo, is not Santa fat?)

New speed VIP blog 3: Let's take measures against "Shiritori no Ru" - livedoor Blog (blog)(Language, do not come out surprisingly)

【2ch】 New speed quality: Characteristics of people who think that this person does not have friends(Human relations, features of friends without friends are enumerated)

Announcement for 20th century boys extra recruitment(Movie, director Yukihiko Tsutsumi famous for "trick" etc.)

Fight back with a handmade weapon! Shimane's President - MSN Sankei News(Memo, a reporting device is created by combining parts purchased by police officers for pocket money)

Makoto Shinkai's Special Lesson - Is not it enough to want it? @ Hatena(Anime, attitude to create parts that can never be given up in the production process and original works)

Hunter × Hunter: Also closed, authors "I will come back closer again" (Mantan web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Manga, is it really sick?)

Akiba OS: Nagao Wakamoto counts sheep CD "I am a sleepy wow!" Release | Akihabara general information site(Note, feeling that you will be able to sleep unexpectedly when you hear the digest version)

Akiba Senior Mobiler Attacks "Please show the inside of the backpack"(Mobile, carried as much as a miniaturized amount)

VIPPER me: [There is a picture] Desktop of people with a high sense(Memo and icons are also used for expression)

2channel: Lesbok Name that can be turned towards the front(Memo, tentatively Monday will be backwards)

When I speak ill of others, I make a statement to change the context (Today's work tips ver 2.0): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Memo, are you going to be blurred for the time being)

Cana speed: girls do not eat bucksmen 70% women 30%(Eating, the layers going to convenience stores in the first place are different)

"Koibito" in Kyushu, Red Excite News(Food, name is "Red Lover")

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Eat six kinds of potatoes and compare(Food, comparison of similar and different potatoes)

What is the difference between cafe au lait, caffe latte, cappuccino and macchiato. [Orbium - Sora noodama](The name changes with food, combination of milk and coffee)

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