Finally a Blu-ray player, which is significantly cheaper than PS 3, is on sale

BeforeSony may release cheap Blu-ray player, which is cheaper than PS 3Finally I told you that Blu - ray players, which are much cheaper than PS 3, will be on sale.

With this, you may be able to easily arrange the playback environment of Blu - ray discs.

Details are as follows.
Blu-ray Hits the $ 300 Mark with MagnaVox NB 500 MG 9

According to this article, "MagnaVox" which is one brand of home appliance maker "Phillips" is cheaper than PS 3 sold at Walmart of the world's largest shopping store chain store at 399 dollars (about 41,000 yen) It is said that it will release Blu-ray player "NB 500 MG 9" at $ 298 (about 31,000 yen).

By the way, this "NB 500 MG 9" is an OEM (production by a partner brand) by Funai, and Sylvania, which was supplied from Funai, also produces the same productI am selling at Amazon for 349 dollarsAnd that.

Although it is an anxious spec, it is compatible with Blu-ray video standard "Profile 1.1", so performance is lower than that of PS3 that supports "Profile 2.0" with added network function etc. It is said that. However, because it is very inexpensive, it may be a layer that "it is enough if it can be regenerated" and a product that is just right for demand after the second one.

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