A man who did not see his wife's face for 30 years saw himself in sleep and was told to divorce

I think that there are many couples who know each other's face too well for 30 years after getting married, Saudi women are hiding their skin with Abaya clothes, and even after marriage the men who were given a divorce this time I never saw my wife's face firmly.

Although he was a man who endured 30 years without being able to see his face, he finally lost to curiosity and tried to raise the veil of his sleeping wife.

Details are as below.Saudi woman wants a divorce - because her husband tried to sneak one look at her face after 30 years of marriage Mail Online

However, when he tried to peep, his wife awoke, he was raging and he gave a divorce. "My husband has already made a big mistake since decades," said his wife who is leaving home. The man apologized for peeping and promised not to do the same thing in the future, but he still said that his wife is demanding divorce.

In Saudi Arabia there are people who do not know the face of their sisters and mothers, and Muslims are not forced to hide their skin even in private places in the house, but the number of remote areas in the Gulf countries The woman seems to keep her skin out even in the house as an old tradition.

It may be acceptable if the person who needs marriage is not face but love only, but it is quite a tough tradition.

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