I actually made the truth of rumor that "Cup noodle curry is made with milk is delicious" and I tried it

"Cup noodle milk curry" which Nisshin launched on May 19 (Monday) is a product made from the rumor that "cup noodle curry is delicious when made from hot milk", rumors about this curry noodle are I ate beforeMilk seafood noodlesHe seems to have been more familiar with it. So, cup noodle milk curry and cup noodle curry, even by chance superRed curry and spicy curryI purchased these, I tried to compare four types of curry noodles made with hot water and hot milk.

A review that approaches the truth of rumors is from the following.
This is a new product cup noodle milk curry.

Raw material is like this, the required amount of hot water is 280 ml.

1 meal 412 kcal. The four types are around 400 kcal.

There were 4 types. Cup noodle curry, cup noodle milk curry, cup noodle spicy curry, cup noodle red curry.

Normal curry on the top left, milk curry on the top right, spicy curry on the bottom right, red curry on the bottom left.

It is made of hot water in the back and hot milk in the foreground. Milk curry from the left, curry, spicy curry, red curry.

Let's look one by one. First of all, cup noodle curry.

The impression of the editorial staff was as follows.
·Cup noodle curry: hot water
· Ordinary cup noodle curry
· The usual curry noodle. Reliable taste.
· This is the standard. Cup noodles with ordinary curry flavor.
· Speaking often, it is curry flavor with no punch if it says badly. Standard
·simple is best. After all this was the best.

·Cup noodle curry: hot milk
· It feels pretty rich. The flavor of curry has disappeared.
· Mildness is too much, the taste of curry is considerably weak
· The milk version drastically tastes the taste. For those who are hungry and have trouble.
·Do not do that
· I do not like making a cup noodle with milk because it gives a powdery texture. Moreover, it becomes a messy taste so it is disgusting if you eat it.

Cup noodle milk curry. The color is thinner than cup noodle curry.

·Cup noodle milk curry: hot water
· Thin and sweeter than cup milk in cup noodle curry
· Thicker than I thought
· Pretty creamy taste.
· Since I ate a cup noodle made from milk before, I was wary of it but it was surprisingly sour soup. Not too dark, curry noodles that were a bit mild.

·Cup noodle milk curry: hot milk
· Transfigured into taste like gratin. But soup is quite shabu-shabu.
· Easier to eat fresh than normal
· Because it is double milk, I thought it was dark other than that, but I can eat it with surprise unexpectedly.
·Do not do that

Spicy curry. The difference is the smallest when looking at this way, but when it mixes, hot milk comes out and it becomes different thing.

There is less comment from here, but one of the editing members has left the battlefield.
·Spicy curry: hot water
· The curry taste of the highest. Not a curry noodle, but the taste of "curry" is felt firmly.
· Curry is rich and delicious. The pain coming later is just right
· There is richness, exactly like "curry" taste. Spice also listened, there is eating response
· This is the most recommended. good.

·Spicy Curry: Hot Milk
· To the awesome curry noodle with a crispy texture like coconut milk in curry. good. It feels like cheese.
· The soup is pretty drowned. Somehow tastes like cheese. heavy.
· It is finished with a whiff of dough.
·Do not do that

Red curry. It is white because of the hot milk membrane, but there should be no difference in taste ....

·Red curry: hot water
· It is not spicy enough to say, Vime Mou.
· I felt painful of ordinary curry.
· Curry style cup noodle with a sour feeling.
· A child between Normal and Spicy?

Red Curry: Hot Milk
· To a vague taste that does not understand what it is. Sorry.
· The mellowness of milk is bad feeling
· After all, it is finished in a sour feeling.
·Do not do that

Mixed place. I feel that everything made with hot milk is muffled ....

What was good as it was, it was various that it became quite a good taste even if made with hot milk. What kind of idea did people who thought of this made at the beginning ...?

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