16 kinds of mini games are switched one by one and speed up "Grid 16"

"Grid 16" is a game in which the speed of the game gradually accelerates while 16 kinds of mini games change randomly in a short time. Each mini game itself is not so difficult, but it gets faster and it gets faster and more errors will occur.

Access is from the following.
Grid16 | Armor Games

When loading screen becomes 100%, it is displayed as "play" in the lower right, so click.

title screen. Click Play to start the game.

Rules are different for each game, only the cursor keys are used for operation. The order is random, and as the game goes over, that game will never appear again. When game over occurs in all games, it ends.

Shoot while avoiding the falling blocks from above.

I pass through the gap.

Make it the same arrow as the block that flows from the left.

Do not let the ball go out.

Receive a falling block from above.

1.2 times, 1.4 times and gradually speed up. It is quite difficult to get around 4 times.

Finally the total score is displayed.

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