Intel announces "Silverthorne" CPU for ultra-low power, high-speed mobile PC

At the International Conference on Semiconductors currently being held in the USA "ISSCC (IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference)", Intel "SilverthorneWe announced a CPU for a mobile personal computer called.

It is a dreamlike CPU for a mobile PC user that ultra-low power consumption and high speed driving is possible.

Details are as below.
Small wonder: inside Intel's Silverthorne ultramobile CPU

According to this page, the mobile CPU "Silverthorne" announced this time adopts the 45 nm process, it seems that it is as small as 25 square millimeters despite being composed of 47 million transistors.

And when operating at a voltage of 1.0 V, 2 GHz drive with 2 W power consumption, surprisingly low power consumption and high speed driving are realized.

Combining this CPU and SSD, I can hardly wait for the release of a mobile laptop that can be driven for a long time without a fan.

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