The next generation memory "DDR 4" appears in the world for the first time, the transfer speed is about twice the current rate and the power consumption is drastically reduced

The standard of memory for PC which is currently mainstream is "DDR 3However, finally "DDR 4" memory to be the next generation standard appeared.

Not only is the transfer speed dramatically improved, but the power consumption is also greatly reduced, so it can be expected to improve the operating speed of the personal computer.

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Samsung Develops Industry's First DDR4 DRAM, Using 30 nm Class Technology | Business Wire

According to Samsung Electronics' press release, we have completed development of the world's first DDR4 memory module by using 30 nm manufacturing process.

Although the processing speed of the DDR4 memory is improved compared to the DDR3 memory manufactured by the same 30 nm process, the power consumption is low, while in the DDR3 memory, the transfer rate at 1.35 V or 1.5 V operation is 1.6 Gbps It is said that the transfer speed of 2.133 Gbps is realized at 1.2 V operation.

Also, when used as a memory for notebook PCs, it is said that the power consumption can be reduced by 40% compared with DDR3 memory operating at 1.5V.

By using a new architecture, DDR4 memory is said to realize a transfer rate of 3.2 Gbps which is twice the size of general DDR 3 memory, Samsung Electronics will collaborate closely with server makers in the future, this year In the second halfJEDEC (Semiconductor Technology Association)It is supposed to support the standardization of the DDR 4 standard, which is going to be done at.

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