McDonald's "Big America (Big America) 2" 4th, deli sandwich style "Manhattan Burger" Tasting Review

We have reviewed the new products of McDonald's "Big America 2" campaign one by one, but the last is "Manhattan Burger" scheduled to be sold from the beginning of March 2011 to the end of March (scheduled).Pastrami BeefAnd using sour cream, it is finished in a stylish Deli sandwich style.

And using refreshing buns with grain, refreshing ingredients such as fresh lettuce and fresh onion mozzarella cheese seems to be sandwiched with a massive 1/4 pound beef patty, but if you put beef patty in the sandwich It is no exaggeration to say that this burger, what kind of texture is it?

The taste review of "Manhattan Burger" is from the following. Finally, the fourth bullet "Manhattan Burger". The sales period is from the beginning of March to the end of March (scheduled).

It looks smallest among the four.

It is said that the buns are kneading the grain.

Turning the buns has fresh lettuce and fresh onion in sour cream.

Pastrami BeefI was lying entirely lying.

Beef patty is attached to sour cream sauce.

And behind the buns at the bottom.

Of the four kinds, I got the lightest and finished impression the most aftertaste. Sandwich style ingredients such as pastrami beef, fresh tomato and sour cream are wrapped in buns filled with grains, and it seems that women are likely to receive it. The feeling that the beef patty 's massive texture tells me that this is not a sandwich but a hamburger. Because it is pretty refreshing, if you sell it as a morning Mac, unexpected popularity may come out.

Although I've seen all four kinds of hamburgers that appear in the "Big America 2" campaign in one stroke, the selling price is "400 to 420 yen for all items (single item), value set (Mac fly potatoes (M) · drinks (M) included) 720 ~ 740 yen "has become. It will be released on McDonald's nationwide from January 7 th (Friday) this week, so it may be nice to enjoy the casual American feeling with "Big America 2".

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