Throwing down the baby from the 4th floor and rescuing from the fire, all the remaining family sacrificed

I occasionally hear the news that throws it to a person waiting below to save a child from a fire-burning apartment, but there was a photograph that captured that crucial moment. This happened in the city of Ludwigshafen in southern Germany, and the boy who was thrown was caught firmly by the police officer and it seems that he was completely rescued unscathed.

Details are as below.
The miracle baby: First picture of the little boy hurled from a blazing flat | the Daily Mail

Fire in southern Germany,LudwigshafenIt occurred in a condominium. At the time there were 52 residents, of which Mr. Muhammet Calar's home had Nessaz's wife Nergiz, 2-year old Ilyas, 8 months Onur, Muhammet's aunt, and two cousins . There was about 40 feet (about 12 m) from the room on the fourth floor to the ground, but Muhammet threw Onur from the window to save lives. Onur was caught by a policeman who had been waiting at the bottom under it, he said he was completely unscathed.

This fire was a big thing that five adults, four children died, 60 people were injured, but the two children hiding behind the sofa were safely rescued. In addition, Muhammet family was sacrificed except Onur. The picture is Muhammet who watches Onur is caught safely.

The officials are watching that the flame spread from the first floor of the building to the wooden staircase instead of a chimney. The majority of apartment residents are Turkish, and in the town the buildings where refugees live have been burned eight years ago, so police are investigating that there is a line of arson by Neo Nazi.

Rene Werse, a web designer who took a picture said, "I saw something unforgettable, people screamed to escape at the balconies and windows ... that is hell."

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