Sony develops a technology "TransferJet" capable of transferring large volumes of data at high speed just by holding it over

Proximity wireless transfer technology that Sony can transfer high-speed files such as photos and high-vision images stored on devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, and digital video cameras at high speed just by holding them over a PC or a TV set "TransferJet"Was developed.

Since the maximum transfer speed is 560 Mbps and it exceeds the maximum speed of 480 Mbps of USB 2.0, this seems to save the trouble of connecting devices with cable for transferring data as in the past.

Details are as follows.
Sony Japan | Press Release | Developed a new close proximity wireless transfer technology "TransferJet"

According to this release, Sony's close proximity wireless transfer technology "TransferJet" adopts an intuitive interface that allows you to communicate by simply holding the devices you want to communicate directly with each other, It seems that it is possible to display the picture on the screen just by holding it over the TV, transfer the music file directly to the mobile phone by holding the portable audio terminal directly.

Moreover, since it is unnecessary to access points and connection settings like the conventional wireless system, it can be easily used, and in order to prevent data leakage to a third party, it is also possible to register the communication device in advance It is said that it is becoming.

Although the maximum communication speed is 560 Mbps, in addition to achieving the effective transfer rate of 375 Mbps even in consideration of error correction etc., in addition to using 3 cm or less in the close proximity state of the wireless system to be used Therefore, it is said that there is almost no interference to other wireless systems.

The ability to easily transfer large volume data as if using an IC card like Suica is not only saving the effort of connecting the cables, it may be quite futuristic and quite interesting.

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