Distribution by automatic update of Internet Explorer 7 began on February 13, 2008

In Windows Update, Microsoft Update, etc.Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7)Japanese version of "High priority updateThe day to be distributed as it was finally decided.

According to Microsoft, it is said to be February 13, 2008.

Details are as below.
Distribution by automatic update of Internet Explorer 7

According to this page, Microsoft will distribute IE 7 as a high priority update, through automatic update function, Windows Update site, Microsoft Update site, so that the user's environment is safer and more up to date. The expected distribution date is February 13, 2008.

Distribution of IE 7 by automatic update is scheduled to be completed in a few months, and users wanting to block distribution to IE 7's organization will be able to distribute IE 7 by the scheduled distribution dateInternet Explorer 7 Blocker ToolkitIt is necessary to complete block countermeasures, for example by introducing it.

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