A copyright organization came in behalf of Santa at a charity event

A charity event that was held in the UK by inviting children. The content was not changed remarkably, and the childrenCarol (Hymn)It was like singing, but there seems to be a copyright group coming up to ask you to pay the usage fee. Money can be taken well in charity business ne.

Details are as follows.
Charity hit with carol copyright bill - Wigan Today

last year,Dam houseAn event like children singing Carol at the facility called "Carol" was held. Then,The UK Performing Rights Society (PRS)He came and told me to pay 230 pounds (about 50,000 yen). At this time I was able to make use fee by doing a lottery, but again this year the association appeared and it seems that I was told to pay 470 pounds (about 106,000 yen) this time.

At the event the children sang Carol and also watched the radio with a little loud noise in the kitchen. It seems that it became a problem saying that this sounds even in a coffee shop. Under the copyright law, when using and playing copyrighted music in public, it is supposed to get permission from all copyright owners or to pay a usage fee, but unauthorized persons It seems that it is a serious problem to play music in public.

Automotive maintenance chainKwik FitSo, as a mechanic was using a radio with sounds that could be heard even around, we received 200,000 pounds (about 45.2 million yen) of damages claim.

At the dam house, various questions were asked when he got a visit by the performance authority association, and it was said that the price was raised when it was found that there was a function room (banquet hall). And it seems that it was told that to sell old Carol whose copyright has expired so as not to pay the money.

In the following article, I am worried that money will be taken even if I sing "Happy Birthday" of them.

Charity Forced to Pay Copyright Fee So Kids Can Sing Carols | TorrentFreak

"Hello,JASRACI wonder if the time will come when you can not laugh that you are a person of the same age.

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