This is the word nominated for the final candidate for "Net buzzword grand prix 2007"!

Previously at GIGAZINE2 chan channel search started recruitment of "Net buzzword award 2007"We reported that, as a buzzword for 2007 in "Asahiru"Or"Sweets (haha)"Nice Boat."Hatsune Miku"Was entered as a nomination candidate.

And among those, the one that was popular was nominated as the final candidate, and the popular vote gives the buzzword award, but the word nominated this time became clear. Both are words that symbolize the Internet in 2007. maybe.

Details are as follows.
You can see the list of words selected as the final candidate for "Net buzzword grand prix 2007" by clicking "Last polling place" on the following link. (Note: howeverMoritapoUser registration is required)

Online buzzword great awards final voting - Moritapo Mail News commentary

And this is a nominated word list. "CLANNAD is life"Ah!"Sweets (haha)"Nico Nico Douga"Hatsune Miku"Rear filling"Nice Boat."Asahiru"Home guardThere are words such as.

In addition, picking 3 out of these, the one who finally got a large number of votes was chosen as buzzword grand prix. The final voting deadline is December 13 (Thursday) 23: 59: 59 seconds, the final result announcement is December 14 (Friday).

By the way, it seems that stakeholders will be honored with the word that won the grand prize, but I do not think that there is no way to recognize the word depending on the word.

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