Sony, PS3 decided to officially support DivX

Video codec widely used for personal computers with Sony's PS3 update "DivXIt seems that it was decided to officially support.

This will allow you to enjoy the DivX format movie provided for PC with PS3.

Details are as follows.
DivX Technology to be Added to PLAYSTATION 3
DivX Ecosystem to Expand Significantly with PS3

According to this release, downloading system software update to be released in the future to PS3, it seems that DivX format movie can be officially played on PS3. There is already an update available for game software developers that will allow you to use DivX's decoder technology from November 2nd.

Also, in the update that took place in May this year PS3It supports DLNA function which enables home PC's access to HDD etcSo it seems that it is possible to enjoy movies of DivX format saved on PC directly as PS3.

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