You may be able to record terrestrial digital broadcasting on PS3 from the beginning of next year

According to marketing manager of Sony Computer Entertainment in New Zealand, Sony may offer terrestrial digital tuner for PS3.

As a result, terrestrial digital broadcasting will be able to be recorded on the HDD of PS3, and it seems that the provision of terrestrial digital tuner and recording function will be started as early as March 2008.

Details are as follows.
PlayStation 3 to get DVR functions in early 2008 //

According to this article, Sony is planning to release terrestrial digital tuner for PS3 during the first quarter of 2008 (from January to March), and in accordance with that, Sony's PS3 console It seems to provide functions that can make recording reservations.

It was mentioned by marketing manager of Sony Computer Entertainment in New Zealand and it is planned to start recording terrestrial digital broadcasting service using PS 3 in New Zealand in March 2008.

Already with a firmware update in May,It corresponds to "DLNA" which PS3 can access from HDD 3 to HDD such as home server and home PCEven though thinking about it, it may not be an unthinkable story.

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