Lawson releases "Rice Burger (Yakiniku)" from November 20

Speaking of rice burger, it is a classic menu of Mos Burger, but Lawson also develops a similar rice burger and it is said to be released from Tuesday, November 20. Where is the level of taste and volume, which is very concerned.

As a matter of course as Lawson it will be the first menu, but if you look at the convenience store industry, pioneers already exist. In fact, I'm actually selling frozen foods before.

Details are as below.
Hamburger with rice
Expansion of fast food lineup
We will release "Rice Burger"

This time LAWSON 's rice burger, the price is 260 yen including tax. While adding red pepper as an accent, apple fruit juice add natural sweetness, and it seems that it is improving fragrance by further adding sesame seeds.

So why is this menu coming out now, because the fast food case installed at the counter became new from 2005, it became a new type of case with two temperatures. This makes it possible to warm up the upper two rows, allow the temperature control in the case of the third row at room temperature and two in the case, it is possible to assorte menus that are weak to heat and easy to damage the taste and texture. Rice burger is part of that.

By the way, there are the following convenience stores that have already developed Rice Burger.

Gousand [product information] - am / pm

It looks quite delicious with three kinds of lineups: goat salt pork ribs, salmon tartar, stamina halami yakiniku ... .... Will Lawson 's rice burger reach soon to this level ...?

Also, frozen foods also have rice burger, the following are famous.

Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.: Product Information Rice Burger

Katyoshi household frozen food rice burger

Toyo Fisheries has put quite a lot of effort into it, and various kinds include Yakiniku, Beef Calbi, Direct Flame Grilled Chicken, Ginger Grill and Glitter. The price is already cheap at the time of fixed price rather than buying at convenience store. It might be quite good.

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