PS3 supports the latest Flash with update, and finally Nikoniko movies can be watched

30th OctoberHDD capacity doubled, according to the release of the new PS3 which "DUALSHOCK 3" etc is bundledIt will be done, but it became clear that the latest version of Flash can be played on PS3 with the system software update done today.

With this, you may be able to watch the latest Flash content, Nico Nico video, etc. that could not be browsed in the past.

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Details including the contents of other updates are as follows.
News: PS3 Firmware 2.5: more details -

According to this article, the latest firmware "version 2.5" provided on 15th October will be of a large scale. As one of them"Flash Player 9" which also supports H.264 codecSupport for that is mentioned.

And since this will make it possible to use the latest Flash Player in the browser, it seems that you can expect viewing of video sharing site such as YouTube and Nico Nico video.

In addition, since "Version 2.5" is also provided, you can divide the movie at intervals of 1 to 5 minutes to find the scene you want to watch, the power saving function of the wireless controller, the screenshot shooting function of the game and the background It is supposed to be provided with the function to download files with.

For details of newly added functions, see below.

PlayStation.Blog >> Firmware Updates: PS3 (v2.50) / PSP (v5.00)

Not only will you be able to watch Flash videos on your browser, but it will be even more interesting if you can play FLV format files as they are.

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Sony's official page has been updated recently and announced about firmware update.

In addition to support of Flash Player 9, it became possible to set [Mosquito Noise Reduction] with movies saved on HDD and recording media, and it was reduced to suppress the data capacity in BD (BDAV) and DVD playback It is said that "chroma upsampling processing" that complements the color information and reproduces the image with a clear color without bleeding is applied according to the motion of the image. (Japan) | PLAYSTATIONR3 information | system software update

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