Failure in the latest update of PS3, in some cases it will not start

It seems that it became clear that there was a problem with the latest update of PS 3 which Sony released on July 2. There are also cases that some PS3 may not start up.

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Details are as follows.
PlayStation.Blog >> Firmware v 2.40 status

According to this article, it seems that there was a problem that XMB will not start up on the PS3 system software "version 2.40" released the other day. Sony Computer Entertainment in America has already stopped publishing.

Videogaming 247 >> Blog Archive >> PS3 owners complain of Firmware 2.40 freezes

And when XMB stops starting, it seems that only the background wave appears.

By the way, the system software "version 2.40" released the other day corresponds to the up-conversion function which automatically reproduces the movie saved on the hard disk and recording media according to the screen size, "frame noise reduction", "block noise reduction" , It corresponds to the function that can gather trophies according to the achievement situation of the game, etc. (Japan) | PLAYSTATIONR3 information | system software update

In Japan, similar symptoms have not been reported and it is possible that it occurred only in the North American version of PS3, but as it is currently being confirmed by Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan, details are found I will append it as soon as possible.

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According to the Sony Computer Entertainment Public Relations Division, the same phenomenon occurred in some parts of the country, so it seems that we decided to temporarily suspend the update. I am investigating the cause now and as soon as the update resumption is over, I will announce it at the following link. (Japan) | PLAYSTATIONR3 information | system software update

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