A major update of PS 3 may be held in March next year

It seems that the function of PS3 may be greatly expanded by updating the firmware scheduled on March 3 next year. At the same time it is scheduled to release peripherals and new content, and there is also a possibility that the price may be lowered.

Details are as follows.
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According to this article, it seems that cameras may be released as peripheral devices for PS3. Is this for video chat using the network? And the online store has also been expanded, it may be that the content distribution of karaoke called "Sing Store" may begin.

The extension of the function of PS 3 itself, which is planned by firmware update, is as follows.

· Supports multitasking. Video chat, listening to music, play games while browsing with XMB (cross media bar)
· New option added to XMB
· Addition of visualization during music playback
· Photo album function addition
· Resume is possible when downloading contents from PLAYSTATION store
· Strengthening "Remote Play" cooperation function between PSP and PS3. Remote play via the Internet is also possible

There seems to be various other things such as lowering the main body price than the current price and stopping the shipment of the 20 GB model in Europe.

I'm wondering how much of this is realized, but functions and contents such as video chat and karaoke may be interesting unexpectedly.

I took up the other dayIs picture quality worse if PS 2 software is started with PS 3?According to the following link, according to the following link, when PS2 software is started in PS 3, there are cases where the interlace signal is converted into a progressive signal, so if the roughness is conspicuous in some cases, for example, the contour line appears jagged Thing.

It seems that we will make improvements in the future update, so I would like to have a hard work here as well.

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