I gathered the cute gestures of animals falling asleep

Sleepiness is attacking and at first it is trying hard to get up, but the resistance gradually weakens, and in the end it is a movie of such animals that loses sleepiness and falls asleep.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
Kitty kitty as cute as a cat talent. My ears are pounding.
YouTube - cute cat

A lying kitten, although it jumps up once, it closes her eyes and the head goes down to the back.
YouTube - kitty fell asleep ....

I am desperately pleased with sleep, but my legs are slipping. Finally down to the front.
YouTube - Sleepy Spudgy

Although it is a decubent open-eyeed quarter, she suddenly falls asleep with a cock.
YouTube - Sleepy Baby Monkey named Mercutio

I am desperately blinking but I am sleepy and I'm dizzy.
YouTube - Sleepy Watch Guard

The continuation of the above movie. I fell asleep altogether.
YouTube - Sleep Like a Baby

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