Sony opens Nico Nico video and opens "Purecha" that delivers new pieces of information and PS3 software play videos etc.

Sony today opened the official channel "Purecha" for Nico Nico Douga.

"Purecha" delivers promotional images of new games and game archives as well as PS3 software which is gaining popularity mainly from core users due to the height of difficulty "Demons SoulIt is said that the distribution of original play movies such as "will be done.

Already Microsoft has delivered "Xbox LIVE park" as a promotional activity of Xbox 360 with Nico Nico video, but Sony seems to have started full-scale promotion activities using Nico Nico video.

Details are as follows. (Japan) | Notice | Sony Computer Entertainment Japan opens PlayStation official channel "Purecha" in Nico Nico Douga

According to this release, Sony said that he opened the PlayStation official channel "Purecha" on the video sharing site "Nico Nico Video (beta)" from today.

PlayStation (R) Official Channel "Purecha" - Nikoniko Channel & Community

"Purecha" is supposed to foster a community by delivering various information in the PlayStation format, in addition to providing the latest news, PS3 software "demons soul" and PSP software "RESISTANCE ~ time of retribution (when) ~ , And promotion video of "Game Archives" which the game of the first generation PlayStation can enjoy with PS3 and PSP and original play video will be delivered.

Play movie of "demons soul" being distributed. The difficulty seems to be high.
PS3 dedicated software "Demons Soul" play video: "Oh! Death to G?" By 【Gamer Staff "Mimamu" "This is Game!"】 - Nico Nico Video (β β)

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