Actually, the history that Sony was directly involved in the super giant movie which was played 3.35 million times before PS4 was released before the release date was found out

Sony's PlayStation 4, which was released in North America on November 15, 2013,We sold 1 million units in 24 hoursWe are making a good start. The user who purchased PlayStation 4 on YouTube immediately uploaded "Released Movie", but in realityBefore the release date "Open Movie on PlayStation 4Men who had releasedThere was a topic such as the number of times the movie was played exceeded 3 million times. It was unknown how men got PlayStation 4 before the release date, but I have revealed that SONY was involved in shooting movies on my own Twitter.

Boogie 2988 (Boogie 2988)

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Francis got his PlayStation 4 from Sid Shuman of Sony, was only allowed to keep it for 2 hours [Update] | GearNuke

Movie of the problem "Francis Unboxing a Playstation 4"Can be confirmed from the following.

Francis Unboxing a Playstation 4 - YouTube

Francis, the creator of the movie,Boogie 2988A video blogger that has released numerous movies and other movies on YouTube under the name of. Francis's channel has become a popular channel with more than 1 million subscribers, and it can be convinced that Sony has witnessed.

After the problem movie "Francis Unboxing a Playstation 4" is released, a lot of comments such as "There is no video being played on, so it's fake!" Are posted and in fact the PlayStation 4 launches in the movie Although it was reflected to the screen, the images after that were not recorded.

However,FrancisSaid, "The PS4 was allowed to play for only two hours" the day after publishing the movie "It cooperated with the shootingMr. Sid ShumanI love you! Tweeted content that says that Sony has cooperated in filming the movie in question. Mr. Shuman is a manager of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) 's social media department.

Francis also appeared in Reddit and "There was a strict regulation as to the release movie of PlayStation 4 before release, and the contents of the shooting were limited, and PS4 was released for shooting We have collected it. "

After that, Francis invited to launch event of PlayStation 4 which SCEA held in New York, tweeted that Mr. Shuman gave PlayStation 4 and game software as a present.

Also, SCE Worldwide Studio President and Representative DirectorShuhei YoshidaMr. Tweeted the photo "I met Francis at the launch event".

In Francis' movie 'Francis Unboxing a Playstation 4', I am excitedly turned over the table or doing a rather high-pressure way of speaking, but when I look at other published movies, You can see that it is a gamer. Although the scheduled release date of PlayStation 4 in Japan is February 22, 2014, there seems to be a need to pay attention to what kind of advertising activities will be carried out in the future.

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