A valuable video recording the appearance of Typhoon No. 30 "Heaven's weather tsunami" swallowing all the time is on sale on YouTube

Typhoon No. 30 "Haien" who is striking the central part of the Philippines hit more than 5,500 dead / missing persons, but photographed the high wave "weather tsunami" like a tsunami that became one of the causes of the damage The movie is published on YouTube.

Eyewitness footage of Typhoon Haiyan washing house away - YouTube

This picture was taken at Hernani in southeastern part of Samar Island at 6 am local time on Friday, November 8. The shooting was carried out by international NGOs who are promoting regional development with children in developing countriesPlanNickson Gensis, the local staff of the plan (plan). Mr. Gensis was evacuating to the second floor of the accommodation which was several hundred meters from the sea.

"We were evacuating to the second floor part of the accommodation, five other people except me were praying, but I continued to turn the video to leave a record," Gensis said.

A scene that the intense wind blows from the left to the right. Water is already flooded on the ground, and a part of the building in the upper right of the screen is damaged.

The first high waves caught in there.

The high waves that rush with building momentum swallowing. The wind splash is rolled up by the strong wind.

Plants like palms strongly shaking with strong winds. It seems that everything can not be done by an intense force.

It seemed like it fell back once ......

Aggressive high wave again.

The sea water of the height and amount which is not comparable with the previous one will rush.

The waves have reached as high as the roof of the building.

And further high waves will strike

The building swallowed at last

Although the movie ends here, it is a scene that makes it realize that tremendous force was brought by the typhoon and you can see clearly how the biggest typhoon's power in history is actually moving.

Mr. Gensis wrote the situation in the comment section of YouTube as follows. "It was just like a tsunami, but the water pulled out soon, when we arrived at the afternoon we went downstairs and went outside, left outside the building and protected my life I thanked the building for thanking the building and taken a picture from 2 o'clock in the morning to the village that the Plan supports and started investigating the damage situation.When I was listening to the inhabitants, I noticed that I was trembling when I noticed it. "

In addition, the Japanese Red Cross Society calls for relief assistance for relief and reconstruction.

【Japanese Red Cross Society】 Donation / Blood Donation / Volunteering | Philippine Typhoon Relief Fee 2013

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