It turned out that the self-proclaimed 'inside person' who was talked about by applying the contents of Nintendo Direct in advance was a magnificent fishing account by YouTuber, what is the method?

At Nintendo's online announcement event

Nintendo Direct 2022.2.10 , which was broadcast on YouTube on February 10, 2022, new information on 'Splatoon 3', the sports experience game ' Nintendo Switch Sports ', and the new work of the blockbuster RPG series ' Announcements such as ' Xenoblade 3 ' were a big hit. The self-proclaimed insider account that leaked the contents of Nintendo Direct 2022.2.10 on Twitter in advance was actually a fake account created as part of an experiment by Good Vibes Gaming , a YouTube channel that handles game information. Turned out.

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An account called ' Waddle Dee Knows ' was suspected to be a leaked account by an insider. This account tweeted about what was announced before Nintendo Direct 2022.2.10 on February 10, 2022.

'Wii Sports is back' is Nintendo Switch Sports.

'Xenoblade 3 will be released this year'

'Valve's game will appear on Nintendo Switch' refers to the ' Portal: Companion Collection ', which is a set of the popular puzzle FPS 'Portal' and 'Portal 2'.

And after the Nintendo Direct broadcast on February 10, Waddle Dee Knows said, 'This account was an experiment to show how easy it is to get insiders,' the profile of insiders lied. I confessed that. The account was created by John Cartwright, creator of Good Vibes Gaming.

The karakuri that Waddle Dee Knows guessed about the announcement before the broadcast of Nintendo Direct is very simple. Cartwright created a Waddle Dee Knows account on February 7, locked it so that it wasn't visible to others, and tweeted titles that could be announced as much as he could think of. Of course, Mr. Cartwright runs a channel that handles game information on a regular basis, so it is also a big point to be able to narrow down the information that is likely to be announced.

After that, if you delete all the predictions that do not apply after the Nintendo Direct broadcast and unlock the Twitter, it seems as if you were accurately guessing the announcement content even before the Nintendo Direct broadcast. Some of the erased tweets were '

Punch Out !! ', ' Luigi's Mansion ' series, and ' ARMS '.

In addition, after unlocking the account and opening it to the public, I wrote in a reply to a major community site such as Reddit and an official Twitter account, 'This account was guessing the announcement content before the broadcast of Nintendo Direct!' The number of followers of Waddle Dee Knows increased sharply. On the night of the broadcast, it was completely whispered on the Internet that 'Waddle Dee Knows was an insider of Nintendo and leaked information.'

Mr. Cartwright was originally thinking of trying to disperse the material around the 11th, but since the account and the tweeted content were shared too soon and the number of followers increased, the material was disassembled ahead of schedule on the night of the 10th. He said he did.

'I'm not blaming anyone who believes in Waddle Dee Knows,' Cartwright said. 'I think I'm being encouraged to believe because this is what happens every month or every week. I wanted to show that I shouldn't believe in such an account, even though it's such an easy task. '

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