A super gigantic movie that gets PS 4 and is excited too much to flip the desk and throw the Xbox

A super gigantic man who got the game on November 15, 2013 in North America and in Europe about PlayStation 4 scheduled to be released from November 29. A movie that PS4 is delivered and a man in an extremely excited state opens with a tremendous momentum to take out PS 4 and start playing the game is on YouTube.

Francis Unboxing a Playstation 4 - YouTube

Francis playing peacefully in PlayStation 3.

I'm playing Grand Theft Auto V now.

Suddenly Pingpong and a doorbell rings, letting you know the arrival of your luggage.

One delivered cardboard box.

Francis who was immersed in the game as "I do not remember buying anything" even if it is told to the photographer "You are addressed to you", but when the sender is heard with Sony "What!" And facial expressions changed completely.

Mr. Francis is excited and turns his desk upside down.

I began to peel off the tape barely because I was in a hurry.

Francis wanting to know the contents of the box quickly opened Merimeli and cardboard box.

Mr. Francis who looks at the thing in the cardboard box and makes the mouth pounding.

Why did you take out "Oh My God!" While stepping on ... ...

PlayStation 4

From here Francis goes into excitement mode.

Mr. Francis who looks so joyful.

I can open the lid with a crackle.

First we took out the new controller DUALSHOCK 4. Francis compliments "Beautiful it is wonderful," but ... ...

Popp behind DUALSHOCK 4 that I had in my hand.

Next we took out the body of PS4. Francis screams the photographer why Sony said "I do not sell it anywhere, Sony gave it to me! Thank you!"

When taken from the bag, the new PS4 body appeared.

Francis who starts the setting of PS 4 immediately.

Francis says "I should think about where to place the PS4 ..." and got the Xbox 360 in the foreground ......

Leave behind. It is too poor treatment ... ....

After eliminating Xbox 360, connect the cables ......

Power on. Francis is also nicolle.

PS4 logo projected on the TV screen.

Francis started playing the game again.

On the official PlayStation channel on YouTube, the official PlayStation 4 "Opening Ceremony"We are publishing movies.

The Official PS4 Unboxing Video | PlayStation 4 - YouTube

The center of the dimly lit stage is lighted up.

As I approach it gradually ... ...

The identity of the light up object is PlayStaion 4

A man approached ... ...

Open the box.

What is inside is "network voucher"

"Quick start guide (English version)"


"HDMI cable"

"AC power cord"


"USB cable"

The man raised "PlayStation 4 500 GB"

What opened up was the chairman of SCE Worldwide Studio PresidentShuhei YoshidaHe was.

The scheduled release date of PlayStation 4 in Japan is February 22, 2014.

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Actually, we got the PS 4 before the release date and found out the circumstances that Sony was directly involved in the super gigantic movie played 3.35 million times - GIGAZINE

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