A new function is added to the "quick action button" that allows operations such as attendance notification to the event and confirmation of reservation without opening mail in Gmail

Gmail 's ability to send attendees' notices and ticket booking confirmations directly to event invitations without having to browse the mail text "Quick action button"Has been updated and functions such as notification of completion of uploading to YouTube video are added newly.

Official Gmail Blog: Take even more actions right from your inbox

The "quick action button" function of Gmail is a function that can directly contact, such as notifying of participation to the meeting and browsing of the document without opening the mail, By using this function, priority High actions can be done easily.

This is an invitation email asking for attendance at events managed by Google Calendar. It is the action button that "subject confirmation" is in the subject. Clicking on "attendance confirmation button" ......

A window to confirm attendance to the event opened. To participate, click "Yes".

Then the "Yes" button turns green and an alert "Reply" attended "appears. By using the action button like this, it is possible to notify the attendance without seeing the mail body.

By the way, you will receive an email saying "I will attend ~" like this one.

Until now, with the action buttons, we were able to do "Notification of attendance to Google Calendar Event", "Confirmation of reservation for airplane and hotel", "Evaluation of services used at restaurants and others", "Document viewing", but this update New support for "notification of completion of uploading to video service such as YouTube and Vimeo and direct access to the video", "document sharing notification to Dropbox and Google Drive and direct access to the document file".

Also, for Google developers who wish to introduce quick action buttons,RSVP Action"Review Action"One-click Action"Go-to Action"Flight interactive cardsWe are disclosing the specifications of functions such as.

Overview - Actions in the Inbox - Google Developers

In addition, at the time of article writing, the completion of the uploading of the video to YouTube was not notified by the quick action button. It seems that it takes time until you can use the new functions added by this update.

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