"Super tyrant Habazelo spicy 2.0 times" vs the most rival rival "Majo Demon Joroquia"

Higashi Hato is the latest work of the popular potato snack "Tyrant Habanero" series which used spicy pepper "Habanero" from October 29Super tyrant Habanero spice 2.0 timesIt is said that it will release. Also, Habanero 's most rival competitor "Daio king Joroquia"Will also be released simultaneously.

In addition, "Joloquia" refers to peppers called "Bhut Jolokia (Bhutt Jolokia)" which is recognized as the most painful and new Guinness in the world, and its name means "ghost capsic".

Details are as follows.
The novel rival appears in the invincible tyrant anymore! It is! "Super tyrant Habazelo spicy 2.0 times" "New Demon Joroquia" new release

According to this release, since the release on November 17, 2003, an exciting horse spicy using "Habanero" and unique character and the like who talked about insults became a topic, and the popular "Tyrant Habanero" series is birth 4 In announcing the anniversary, "super tyrant Habanero" which has already been released is said to appear as "super tyrant Habazelo spicy 2.0 times" which has further enhanced the power and doubled the amount of Habanero puree.

And as the most rival of India, it was born in India that "Guilty Joloquia" was used with the new and the world's hardest pepper, "Bhut Jolokia (Bakuto Joloquia)" approved by Guinness.

In addition,Bhut JolokiaAbout twice as much as HabaneroScoville value(Unit to measure hot pepper), it is certified as the hardest pepper in the world.

This is "Bhut Jolokia".

Both are snacks like hell for people who are not good at it.

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