Many unusual forms of money in the world

There are various kinds of money in the world, but there seems to be something very strange in that. There seems to be something that is too large to be used now, if it is put in a pocket, it seems to get stuck.

Details are as below.Katanga crosses
It is said that it was used in the copper mine area of ​​the Congo (formerly Zaire) in Africa. This money, the material is copper, the weight is about 0.2 kg - 1.1 kg. Also, it seems there was before Christianity came to this area, it was also used as a ceremony and buried in the grave together.

Kissi Money
It seems that it was used in West Africa region such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and gradually entered the Western style money in the 20th century. Currently it seems to be used for ceremonies, dedicated items, decoration of graves and so on.

Rai stones
Federated States of MicronesiaYap IslandMoney that was once used. This huge stone seems to have been cut out from the place near Paulau because there is no limestone in Yap Island. The value of this money seems to depend on size, weight, difficulty of carrying, and how many people were sacrificed when carrying that money. It is usually placed in a public place, and owners and places seem to change rarely. By the way the size of the stone in this picture seems to be about 2.4 meters in diameter.

(Image credit: Eric Guinther)

Here is another unusual money.
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