"Super tyrant Habanero" was more powerful than hot tyrant spirit and taste

A new group joined East Hat's "Tyrant Habanero" from May 28th. That name seems to be "super tyrant Habanero", spicy 1.5 times. I tried it at once to see how hard the tyrant beyond the tyrant was painful.

Details are as follows.
Super tyrant seems to break through limits spicyness about 2 times thick and 1.5 times habanero paste.

I tried it on a dish. Normal tyrant is red and tyranny.

I got it. It is quite thick.

Just as it looks like tyrant Habanero is milder, the taste is also mild compared to tyrant. Although it is written as spicy 1.5 times, I think that it is at most about 1.2 times. And umami is getting stronger than that,Horse> SpicyIt has become. Thanks to the thickness there is a response to eat. I do not recommend it for people who do not like hardships, but I like hot things, but I think that people who think that 1.5 times is impossible can buy with confidence.

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