Race game "Bang Bang Jalapeno" which can fight against accumulated running data

It is a simple race game with mouse operation, but it also includes an online matchup element that keeps running data in the database and can fight with other user's race data. It is a game that has considerable competition, just stepping on the accelerator can not win the rival.

Access is from the following.
Pleasure system online flash game site sprux. Net

title screen.

There are three drivers. This one is well-balanced.

A rabbit boasting the highest top speed.

Correct elephants with good cornering and acceleration performance as the speed is slow.

Several courses are also available. This is the simplest course.

Complex courses have to make full use of drift.

Right click is the accelerator, and it runs in the direction of the cursor. By releasing the accelerator before entering the corner, it is possible to make smooth cornering like a drift. If you do not use it well, time will not grow.

At first I was not accustomed to how to operate, it was pretty tough. When you look at the mini map, you can see that the white dot is a partner and the red dot is put considerably by myself.

You can not register traveling data unless you leave a certain amount of time.

Shortcuts are natural, but they get angry.

In game mode, there are three challenge matches of choosing an opponent from the ranking, a time trial challenging time by one person, and one that randomly selects an opponent from data outside the ranking (Click Start).

This is against the data which was the fastest in the ranking. I can not catch up with the opponent's running, but it was helpful for me to see how I can run fast.

Time trial running alone. Although it becomes practice, the match-up is still more interesting.

Ranking is such a feeling, it is quite difficult to dig into the top.

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