Featuring exciting racing games you can play for free

This time I tried collecting various racing games from boasted courses and boasting beautiful graphics to lighter things that I can relax a bit. I am surprised because they are all free to play.

Details are as follows.TrackMania Nations

It seems that it is not amusing even if it is sold as a commercial work at a high degree of completeness which I do not think very free. It was developed to train athletes of Electronic Sports World Cup (the World Conference of sports games using network), and feeling that the number of courses is many and the machine is operated is also quite nice. There are about 265 MB in size, but I think that it is worth it.

Chishow: Meteor Alert eXcalation

A game that runs while keeping off the meteorite. It may not be called a race, but the sense of speed is outstanding. Because it is floating instead of a four-wheeled car, often losing braking at the time of a crash and going out for a course.

Adamdawes.com - Highway Pursuit

A car shooting game that will advance while destroying enemy cars with machine guns and missiles.


A type of racing game that is dropped if it is not within the prescribed rank.

Formula G1

Simple racing game. There is a feeling of speed, but it is difficult to control the aircraft accordingly.

Night Rider at Kontraband

The same type as Highway Pursuit. It seems to be a night rider.

Knugg Rally

A common looking down type racing game. People from overseas like this type, there are lots of things of the same lineage.

Rocket Rally

The course is more complicated than the ones above.

3Dcar driver

Driving game which accelerates when taking a green light, and decelerates when it is red. Do not splash red people.

BMX Ghost Game

It is only necessary to run anywhere in BMX, but it is difficult to balance when going down a steep slope, and often falls down quite often.

Pazzo Challeninko Race

Side scroll bicycle race. It is speed-up by click repeated hit, but when it's too much, it will consume physical strength and become tough.

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