CM of the PSP that was banned broadcast, who made it?

It is not a broadcast prohibition exactly, it has been replaced by about one week after the broadcast. Well it is a virtual broadcast prohibition. I do not know exactly what was going wrong, but it seems that it was judged that "this can not be broadcasted" anyway.

So, I tried to approach the true identity of that CM. First of all, I will not talk about what I do not see, so let's play from the following. It is about 1 minute long.

YouTube - coldcut vs chris cunningham - unreleased PSP ad

I understand that it is a CM of quite intense movement, but ... Is it enough to prohibit broadcasting?

Conversely, the CM of this first "Playstation" has a go-ahead and it is broadcasting normally. Somehow the last place is slightly creepy.
YouTube - CHRIS CUNNINGHAM: Sony Commercial

Playstation Commercial - YouTube

Both these CMs were produced by "Chris Cunningham"Chris Cunningham, a genius video writer. It is famous for making various PV. Recently, I have been doing interesting things, for example, I used DJ performances with Star Wars famous scenes.


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