Itoen "Premium Oi Ocha" has been reduced bitterness

I bought Itoen "Premium Oi Ocha" which is on sale at a convenience store nationwide from September 24 (Monday) and tried comparing drinking with ordinary "O O O tea". Because it is a premium, bitterness of aftertaste has been alleviated.

Details are as follows.
I thought that premium bottle was somewhat thin 350ml.

Hourglass was on.

The background is Tsukimi. There seem to be three other types.

It seems that twice the flavor ingredients are drawn out by flavor two stage extraction.

I poured it into a glass. The left is a premium.

The premium is slightly thinner than the premium, and there is almost no difference in appearance.

When I drink it, the bitterness of the aftertaste is normal as it is, but it is almost not felt at the premium. Thanks to ease of drinking up. However, it is a story that it is doubling out the delicious ingredients, but I can hardly tell if the goodness is doubling up. Perhaps the difference in taste is not felt by just drinking normally. Because I am prefixed as a premium, I wanted a difference that I can understand at the moment I drank it.

The release of Itoen is below.

"Premium Oi Ocha" Start selling across the country from September 24 (Monday) (limited convenience store sale): News Release | Itoen

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