I drank the craft boss 'Hazelnut Salt Vanilla Latte', which has a refreshing aftertaste with fragrant hazelnut and vanilla flavors.

From Suntory's PET bottle beverage series '

Craft Boss ', various drinks such as ' Acerola Tea ' and ' Hojicha Latte ' have appeared so far. In such a craft boss series, ' Hazelnut salt vanilla latte ' using hazelnut flavor and vanilla flavor appeared from June 7, 2022 (Tuesday), so actually drink what kind of drink it is finished. I checked it.

Craft Boss Hazel Nut Salt Vanilla Latte Product Information (Calorie / Ingredients) Suntory

The package of the craft boss 'Hazelnut Salt Vanilla Latte' looks like this.

There are two types of labels, blue and green, but there is no difference in taste.

Milk, sugar, coffee, dairy products,

dextrin , salt, spices, emulsifiers, and casein Na are used as raw materials, and the content is 500 ml. The calorie per 100 ml is 35 kcal, which is 175 kcal when converted to one bottle.

Pour into a cup and you'll find fragrant hazelnut and sweet vanilla flavors.

When I brought my face close to the cup, the nice aroma of hazelnuts and vanilla was even stronger, and I felt like I was in front of dessert. However, when I drank it, it had a surprisingly smooth texture, and the rich bitterness peculiar to coffee, the aroma of hazelnuts, and the sweetness of vanilla matched in just the right balance. The slight saltiness gives a refreshing sharpness to the aftertaste, making it a high-quality 'latte' drink that you will want to drink on a hot summer day without being too close to dessert.

The craft boss 'Hazelnut Salt Vanilla Latte' will be available for purchase at retail stores nationwide from June 7, 2022 (Tuesday), and the suggested retail price is 170 yen.

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