Android 13 public beta 3 released, finally reaching stable platform

Google announced Beta 3, the third public beta of Android 13, on June 8, 2022, stating that 'Android 13 has finally reached Platform Stability.' It is said that Android 13 was two months earlier than Android 12 when it reached the platform stable version from the start of development.

Android Developers Blog: Android 13 Beta 3 and Platform Stability

The first developer preview of Android 13 was released in February 2022, Beta 1 was released in April 2022, and Beta 2 was released in conjunction with Google I / O 2022 in May 2022. Android 12 has undergone a major update to fundamentally review the Android UI with the concept of ' Material You ', but Android 13 has just changed the variation of the app icon theme and the preset color of the UI, so it is a big update. Is not included.

Google said, 'In beta 3, Android 13 will reach platform stable. This is a milestone that means that all apps behave and APIs are final, including the official API Level 33 SDK and NHK API. That means you can develop and release compatible updates with the confidence that the platform will not change from beta 3. '

According to Google, Android 13 is built on the optimization of tablets introduced in ' 12L ' which is Android 12 for large screens. Therefore, it seems that the display on tablets and other large screen devices is optimized than Android 12. Also, according to 9To5Google , which handles Google-related news, Android 13 Beta 3 has added a UI for fingerprint registration. In the case of a smartphone equipped with a fingerprint scanner on the side of the main unit or inside the main unit screen, the screen that guides how to put your finger is as follows.

According to Google's schedule, Android 13 Beta 4 will be released in July 2022, and if all goes well, the final release will be possible in September.

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