Sony released the world's first organic EL television, the thinness is 3 mm

Sony will be the world's first since December 1Organic ELIt seems to release TV "XEL-1".

The size is 11V type, the thinnest part is about 3mm and the incredible thinness is realized, and the on-house organic EL panel "organic panel" which is installed has high contrast ratio of 1: 1: 1, Peak luminance, color reproducibility, and motion picture performance are all realized with superior performance.

Details of the image etc. seen from the side are as follows.
World's first organic EL TV release

According to this release, the world's first organic EL television "XEL-1" to be released in the world, including the ultra-thin type of the thinnest part of about 3 mm, has a high contrast of 1 million: 1, The high peak luminance that can reproduce the sparkle of the same as it is, high color reproducibility that can reproduce vivid color with high purity irrespective of the brightness and darkness of the image, fast movement such as sports seems to boast of smooth high moving image performance.

And since organic EL can emit light by itself, it does not require a separate light source such as a backlight, so it consumes 45 W and consumes considerably low power. The corresponding broadcast formats are terrestrial digital broadcasting and BS digital broadcasting, 110 degree CS digital broadcasting.


Viewed from an angle.

You will be amazed by its thinness when looking from the side.

The back is like this. It has HDMI input terminal, USB terminal, headphone terminal, LAN terminal and so on.

By the way, it seems that the price you are interested in is 200,000 yen.

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