Sony Develops Technology to Reduce Reflection on LCD Screen to 1 / 30th

It seems that Sony has developed a technology to suppress reflection of fluorescent light and sunlight to the liquid crystal screen to 1/30 of the conventional size.

People who can not help being crowded on the LCD monitor, "If you were watching a movie on the LCD monitor and you were harassing, your face got bigger in the display to fit the screen and it felt sick. It might be good news for those with experience such as "It is.

Details are as below.
Sony suppresses light reflection of liquid crystal · 2010 Med, Blu-ray technology application

According to this article, this time Sony developed a technology that arranges innumerable extremely small protrusions called "moth eye" meaning moth's eyes on the film used for LCD monitors so that light does not reflect, compared with the conventional technology It seems that you can cut the illumination of the screen and reflection of sunlight to 1/30.

Since this film can be produced by applying the manufacturing technology of Blu-ray disc, it can be manufactured at low cost, and by reducing reflection, power saving of mobile phones, laptop computers, flat-screen TVs, etc. It also leads to. It is said that the practical application is scheduled for 2010.

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