Tom Cruise planning to construct an underground shelter in preparation for an alien raid

movies"Space WarBut the actor Tom Cruise who starred in the movie seems to be making plans to build a shelter in his home in Colorado for aliens when the alien attacked the earth. Tom CruiseI believe in the existence of an alienIt seems that it seems so, so it can be seriously constructed, but is it true?

Details are as belowTom Cruise building '£ 5 m bunker to protect against alien attack' Showbiz This is London

The shelter that Tom Cruise is planning to construct is equipped with state-of-the-art air purifiers, self-sufficiency is also possible for the shelter, with a budget of 10 million dollars (1.1 billion yen). It seems that about 10 people including his family are said to be able to live lightly.

Tom Cruise's spokesperson denied all about this shelter and said, "It's absolutely terrifying, I do not plan to build such a facility."

Colorado's home, said to build a shelter

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