A seven-year-old girl who forgoted her homework is naked in the classroom and stood on the desk

It seems that a 7 - year - old girl was stripped naked in the classroom and stood on the desk because he forgot his homework.

I wonder if this is overkill at all how much ....

Details are as follows.
Girl stripped for forgetting homework | Herald Sun

According to this article, girls who forgot their homework in New Delhi, India, were standing naked at the desk and were brought to life by classmates. Naturally the teacher was arrested by his parents' protest, but he was bailed on the grounds that he was not detained.

In response to this case, the representative of the Committee to Protect the Rights of Children in India condemned it as "savage" and said in a press report that "no one has the right to tramples the self esteem of a child" .

According to a government survey conducted under the United Nations Children's Fund in India, it is said that two-thirds of Indian children have been physically abused at home and school.

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