Transportation "Evacuated Tube Transport" that can make one round of the world at maximum speed of 6500 km / 6 hours

There is a mysterious transparent tube stretched in the city as a common imaginary map of the future, and a cylindrical ride runs around at such a great speed in that ... ... but it is trying to realize it seriously KakaET 3Company's "Evacuated Tube Transport(Vacuum tube transport) ".

Evacuated Tube Transport can take you around the world in just 6 hours

You can tell what kind of idea it is like by following movie.

Evacuated Tube Transport can take you around the world in just 6 hours - YouTube

Maximum speed travels through the tube like a linear motor car at 6500 km / h.

With a maximum of 6 passengers, get on in this way

The weight is 183 kg, the length is 16 feet (about 4.8 m), the transportation capacity is 4 to 6 people, and the weight is about 362 km to about 408 km.

Take this way to the entrance of the tube and feel sucked in.

How much G (gravitational acceleration) will be applied at this speed, how much 1 G, same as ordinary

45 minutes from New York to Hollywood

2 hours from New York to Beijing, China

It seems to be safe, cheaper and more quiet than traveling by train or airplane.

The history of this idea itself is old, in the early 1990'sDaryl OsterIt was invented by Mr., a patent was issued in 1997, and I feel like I'm doing my best with various things to realize from that.

Furthermore, it is completely unknown at any moment when the feasible plan will start to move specifically.

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