Finally the whole picture of the new function "Places Organizer" of Firefox 3 is revealed

The next version of Firefox 2 currently released, "Firefox 3Currently, the alpha version is being released, but some of them have completely changed functions to date, and the one that is listed at the top is the bookmark management function called "Places" . Unlike past bookmarks, it is about using a database, but there was something that it was hard to understand intuitively as to what kind of advantages it has.

However, this time "Places OrganizerLooking at the image of "Bookmarks," the function for centrally managing all things related to Firefox, such as page browsing history, history of downloaded files, thumbnail images, tagging, and so on, is in the correct position is.

Details are as below.
New Places Mockups - | Google Group

PlacesOrganizer_i5WindowLayout.png (PNG image, 1892 x 1781 px)

As far as the above image is concerned, considerably significant changes have been added in many respects than previously said, and it seems that the color of the tool bar and the arrangement of the buttons are also pretty stuck.

The menu is also well organized

New bookmark dialog

The history that comes out from the address bar also looks like this

New history function

Bookmark sidebar seems to be like this

This is a sidebar of history

Tagging function

If you further extend the search function in bookmarks and so on

Although it is said to be a figure of the mockup stage to the last, it is a story that the retrieval speed is made considerably faster by database creation. Personally I have quite a lot of bookmarks at the moment and the behavior of Firefox as a whole is heavy due to that, so if it is resolved it is pretty ummm ... ... hopefully large.

The new features of Firefox 3 are summarized in the following pages in detail.

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